Who are some of Scorrie’s clients?

Amsterdam Casino, actually based in London, was Scorrie’s first client right out of the gate when the company was founded. Amsterdam offered a virtual casino that included games such as roulette, blackjack, and slots.

Amsterdam started with Scorrie by buying the email marketing service. Starting with a purchased list, augmented over time by customers filling out the online form, thousands of clients were offered up-to-date news about the online gambling site. As a result, the number of visits to the site increased by 50 percent in the first year of operation. Subsequently, Amsterdam bought the social media package and, in short order, acquired a top-notch web presence with fresh, ever-changing content that attracts hundreds of thousands of views every month. The online casino has enjoyed robust growth every year of its association with Scorrie.

Kroon Casino is a firm based in South Africa and offers services similar to Amsterdam, but also has a sports betting operation, centering on football and rugby. Kroon bought the social media package, which Scorrie was able to develop in all four of South Africa’s major languages, English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, and isiXhosa.

Kroon was the first client to buy a YouTube channel, which it uses to highlight past sporting events. Currently, Scorrie is working with Kroon to develop live streaming of sporting events via YouTube on its sports betting page. The page will be the first in the world where an online gambling site will allow a customer to watch a match online while placing bets in real time. Kroon is also working on an online, interactive poker page in which people from around the world will be able to play against each other in tournaments.

Unibet requested Scorrie’s online reputation service after a disgruntled customer filed suit against the company, alleging that some of the online games had been fixed and that the plaintiff had lost his life savings. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed settlement, but because it was reported widely in the media, Unibet had taken a hit to its reputation.

Scorrie approached the problem from two angles.

First, the company set up the usual social media package for Unibet, but then solicited good reviews from satisfied customers to counter the bad publicity as a result of the court case.

Next, Scorrie encouraged Unibet to set up responsible gambling features and, when they were in place, heavily advertised the new arrangement with a search engine and social media advertising campaign. The company’s marketing research has indicated that safety (i.e. not losing one’s shirt due to indulging in problem gambling) was a feature that makes an online gambling site very attractive.

As a result, after a dip in customer traffic that occurring in the year during and after the case, Unibet enjoyed a healthy increase in the number of customers. Some free media, consisting of articles in news sites that described the use of the responsible gaming features, was also of tremendous help.

BGO Casino was a new startup in the UK, having moved to London from Australia after that country all but banned online gambling for its citizens. The management team behind BGO was experienced in their industry but was forced to rebuild its customer base after having ceased operations down under. Scorrie was able to use the whole package it offers, social and internet content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine and social media advertising, and a targeted email campaign to get BGO up and running and making a profit within six months. A year later, BGO branched out into sports betting and horse race betting. Scorrie was able to use the experience it gained in South Africa to provide its client with a one-stop site to both watch and bet on various events.