Gokken brings a new form of lead generation

Many of you may recognize lead generation from the old fashioned call centres where people were spending their days cold calling victims in hopes of selling something. No real qualifications were required, just a willingness to show up on time and spend days on end on the phone holding the same conversation over and over again. Luckily for us, that means the contact centre agents and their victims this form of lead generation almost doesn’t happen anymore. Nowadays, lead generation is done through the internet. The best way to show how this works is with an example of the online gambling industry.

Online business

Online casinos are, as the name suggests completely online. Which makes it hard for them to reach out to potential players anywhere else than on the net. However, they do have retention departments that call former players with great casino bonuses to try and entice them to return. So call centres do still exist, even for online casinos. But new people who want to try gokken, or gambling online, will be recruited in other forms. Casinos mainly look for options online and therefore they need to create partnerships.

Casino affiliates

One of the main sources of new players for online casinos are casino affiliates. These are websites that offers all kinds of casino related information to people curious about online gokken. They tell them all about slot machines, table games and bonuses. You can not only learn the casino games rules, but also which are the best slot machine providers and more. That way a new player will start their casino journey well informed. The way for these casino affiliates to make money is by advertising for casinos, which is called generating leads. Only when these leads are converted, the affiliate starts making money.

Low risk, low reward

This form of finding new casino players may seem more interesting for casinos than it actually is. A lot of good casino affiliates know their worth and ask absurdly high rates for a good position on their websites. There are cases in which an affiliate asked for 70% of revenue share. This makes it almost impossible for a casino to even break even. Because they still need to pay the slot machine providers, the payment providers, taxes and a lot else. So no matter how much the players gokken, this would not be good for the casino.

Saturated casino market

Luckily for casinos the market is becoming quite saturated. After all, there are only so many people interested in playing in online casinos. Of course this number increase every year with people who have reached the legal age to start gokken, but there are also people passing away every year. Which means that in some markets, online casinos have their players distributed and there won’t be many room for new players. At least, that’s what the established casinos want you to think.

Work with us

Just try to work with us and you’ll quickly learn that there is always some wiggle room. There are always people who want to gamble and gokken somewhere else and there are always new ways to reach them. Have you, for example thought about attending casino conferences? Or hiring a spokesperson for the casino that is highly respected in the respective market. Luckily, there is more than one way to get to Rome. Even if you take the online casino route.