The history of Scorrie Ltd

Scorrie started when one of its founders, George Flashman, entertained his sister and brother-in-law from America’s Silicon Valley at his London townhouse, Flashman, at the time, was a partner in a posh London advertising agency. His brother-in-law, who ran an Internet company, regaled Flashman about the new industry of online marketing, Intrigued, Flashman did some research and decided that this was an industry that he would like to get into. While he was a very successful advertising executive, Flashman was in the mood for a new challenge.

Flashman sold his stake in the firm to the other partners and used the money to set up his online marketing firm with a number of friends from Cambridge, The name Scorrie was suggested by an adverting associate from his old firm, Michael Urquhart, an avid bird watcher, whose favorite is the common seagull, “scorrie” being the Scottish name for the beast.

Amsterdam Casino became Scorrie’s first client, after one of the other partners, Arthur Moriarty, got them a meeting with the online gambling company’s CEO in their London office. In the meantime, Scorrie outsourced the IT services operations of the firm with the firm run by Flashman’s brother-in-law.

Kroon Casino became Scorrie’s first international client, a relationship that has proven so popular that the company now has a small office in Johannesburg, The company is currently exploring opportunities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Scorrie became prominent in the news thanks to the Unibet case in 2013-14. Mr. Flashman granted a number of interviews with the media in which he described the company’s efforts to get the online gambling industry to buy into responsible gambling features in its operations. He suggested that this was a case of “doing well by doing good,” which is to say that companies should include such features not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it would also benefit their bottom line by providing a safe environment for gambling. Scorrie and its clients got a considerable amount of free, favorable media as a result,

Scorrie currently has just over 20 clients worldwide, all of them involved in the online gambling industry. It currently employs 300 hundred people, mostly account executives, IT specialists, and content writers. The company has offices in London, Johannesburg, and Bermuda. Scorrie is considered a leading firm in the online marketing industry, having brought some of the best practices from traditional advertising to the new Internet and social media. Its current plans are to expand into the Far East, India by preference though the legal status of online gambling is complicated in that country. The idea is that eventually, Scorrie will become an online marketing company upon which the sun will never set.

Scorrie’s biggest challenge is the fact that many national governments and people in general still view online gambling with suspicion. The industry has some unpleasant associations with organized crime and shady business practices. The company is trying to change this perception by encouraging responsible and ethical practices among its client base. The theory is that the more accepted that online gambling becomes, the greater Scorrie’s potential client base grows. This approach is yet another example of George Flashman’s business philosophy of doing well by doing good.

Most recently Scorrie has delved into allowing online gambling sites to outsource their entire operations, in effect developing games and taking over the day to day running of the operations as well as the marketing aspects. This arrangement seems to be a growing trend in the online gaming industry.