What do we do?

What does Scorrie do?

The first thing that Scorrie does for a client is to set up an Internet and social media presence that has been optimized to attract the most eyeballs as possible, on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. A typical package consists of a revamped website, a blog, a Facebook account, a Twitter feed, and an Instagram account. A YouTube channel is offered as an add-on option. Scorrie uses search engine optimization techniques to make sure that the client finds itself as high up on search engine results as possible. The company always keeps tabs on how companies such as Google change the way they do searches and adjusts as needed.

Scorrie works with its clients to maintain content as current and as fresh as possible. Blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter, are great venues for content marketing, creating interesting articles and posts that will attract readers and keep the brand names of the clients in the public consciousness. The company has a staff of content writers who are familiar with the online gambling industry and work directly with the clients. Content can include news of special deals and testimonials of happy customers, the latter derived from a feedback form that is contained in the package.

Scorrie also offers the option of both direct search engine ads and social media ads. In the former, the client can buy advertising that will show up in search engine results, ensuring that their company will remain in the public eye. In social media advertising, ads will appear on Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and so on tailored to the user’s browser history and known interests. That way only people who might have a desire to try out online gambling will see the ads, making sure that they are not wasted.

Scorrie also provides the opportunity to try targeting email marketing. The company provides a list of emails of people who have indicated an interest in online gaming, usually by having visited a site and filled out an online feedback form for further information. This type of marketing has an opt-in and an opt-out feature to make sure that recipients do not feel they are being spammed, i.e. getting unwanted junk emails.

Viral marketing consists of encouraging customers to tell their friends and family members about the online gambling site and what a fun experience it is to use it. In the traditional advertising world, this technique is called “word of mouth.”

Finally, Scorrie conducts online reputation management. The method ensures that glowing customer reviews receive prominence, and less than flattering reviews do not get many views. We also do market research for the clients, using online forums and email lists to contact customers directly to learn what their experience on a particular site has been. In this way, the company can ascertain problems and correct them before they can harm the client’s reputation. Scorrie also uses the information it gathers to suggest features that their clients might want to include in their operation, particularly new games as well as responsible gambling features than many customers find to be attractive.

One practice that Scorrie will not engage in is hiring fake reviewers to put glowing testimonials on review sites such as Yelp. The practice is not only unethical, but review sites and even governments are beginning to crack down on it, The company does encourage satisfied customers to post good reviews on such sites, but these consist of real customers who have actually used the client’s site.

Scorrie offers s number of packages that incorporate some or all of the techniques that have been discussed above. The idea is to customize an online marketing strategy to fit the client’s needs and budget.